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Songs of a Failed Poet

Steps on a Broken Sidewalk

18 May 1979
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Alright...for the .01% of the world that actually reads this part of the LJ, I give you an update!

Name's Dav. Been posting here on and (mostly off) for a few years now. I work in IT in my day job, while taking classes to finish a degree I started about 13 years ago. And it's my fourth major to boot. But I think this one's gonna stick.

I turn 30 this year. Which is a strange thought. I don't really remember turning 26-29. I think I want a do-over of the past half decade.

I like to write (when I actually sit down and make myself do it), and I like to think I'm pretty good at it. Not professional or anything, but my mom thinks I'm cool. So there's that.

Still curious? Read the postings or drop me a line. I'm always around.